MCI Transformer Corporation specializes in magnetic component manufacturing of catalog and custom transformers. We provide a wide range of transformers from power transformers, class 2 transformers, UL 60601-1 medical certified transformers, current, toroid, and AC & DC switch mode with configurations of horizontal and vertical pc board or chassis mount. We have been serving both large and small customers for 50 years and our products are UL, CSA and TUV-CE certified. Our unique structure of REGIONAL FACTORIES provides direct, quick response and service with the purchasing and engineering power of a large company. MCI Transformer Corporation has the customer orientation of a small company which fully recognizes the special service needs of our customers.

You can Contact us direct or through a Rep in your Area.

MCI West: Willits Ca. Ph 707-459-5994, Fax 707-459-5998
Serves the following states: California, Washington, Oregon, Nevada,
Arizona, & British Columbia, Canada

MCI MASS: Orange Ma. pH 978-544-8272, Fax 978-544-8356 Serves
Upstate NY, New England, Central and Eastern Canada

MCI Babylon: Babylon, pH 631-587-0510, Fax 631-587-0624
email Sales
Serves ALL other states (Midwest, South, Dixie States etc.) including
metropolitan New York and Long Island

MCI Texas: PH 903-641-1552

PO Box 1146 Corsicana, TX 75151-1146



Frank Rodriguez Factory Direct Sales for MCI West
Serves Southern California and Las Vegas
PH 310-386-1187, Fax 909-429-1087

Harris Systems LLC
Mike Harris
Serves Washington
PH 425-530-5943

Harmon and Sullivan Associates: Upstate New York pH 585-464-8438,
Fax 585-464-8191,

Engineering and Customer Service: The next time you have a requirement, let us assist you. Perhaps you will be able to use one of our stock transformers. If so, you will benefit by saving substantially and having the convenience of off-the-shelf delivery. If your requirements cannot be satisfied by using one of our standard stock units, MCI will assist you in designing the exact transformer you require and, as always, at a competitive price.

Value Analysis: You can be confident when you order an MCI transformer, only the highest quality materials are ever used in all MCI products. All our transformers are made with strict quality control and each unit is inspected and tested with a "state of the art" computer driven transformer tester.

All MCI products manufactured in the USA utilize the most modern automated manufacturing facilities available. Our Experience, Automation and Strategic Regional Factories together account for our short lead time on samples and production. Our offshore manufacturing capability allows for us to accommodate World Class High Volume requirements. Our Engineering staff with its combined experience of over 99 years ensures the highest quality criteria is maintained at all our facilities. We are dedicated to the highest level of Service and Quality at Competitive prices. Take the MCI Challenge and call us with your requirement today.
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411 Manhattan Avenue, Babylon, NY 11704 631. 587. 0510 FAX: 631. 587. 0624
25 Blodgett Street, Orange, MA 01364 978. 544.8272 FAX: 978. 544. 8356
150 Sanhedrin circle, Willits, CA 95490 707. 459. 5994 FAX: 707. 459. 5998
PO Box 1146 Corsicana, TX 75151-1146  903.641.1552
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